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Vernon, a division of DCR Systems Group is your go-to for versatile Equipment Rentals.

Whether you need laptops, iPads, workstations, projectors, or any other tech equipment, we’ve got
you covered. Our rental services provide you with the flexibility to access the equipment you need, when
you need it, without the commitment of ownership.

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What We Do

Laptop Rentals

Need laptops for a temporary project, event, or remote work? Our laptop rentals are the perfect solution, providing you with the latest technology without a long-term commitment.

iPad Rentals

iPads are versatile tools for presentations, events, or special projects. Renting iPads allows you to harness their capabilities without the upfront investment.

Desktop Rentals

When you require powerful computing solutions for office setups or specific tasks, our desktop rentals provide the performance you need without the hassle of buying and maintaining equipment.

Server Rentals

Servers are crucial for data management and hosting. Our server rentals offer a cost-effective way to access robust server solutions tailored to your requirements.

Projector Rentals

For presentations, meetings, or events, our projector rentals deliver high-quality visuals, making your content stand out.

VR Rentals

Virtual Reality can enhance training, education, and entertainment. Rent VR equipment to explore this immersive technology.

Charging Stations Rentals

Keep your devices charged and organized with our charging station rentals, ideal for events and workplaces.

Event Rentals

Planning an event? We offer a wide range of equipment rentals to support your event’s technology needs, from tablets to touch screens and photocopiers.


Rentals allow you to access the equipment you need for temporary projects, save on upfront costs, keep your technology up-to-date and choose from a variety of equipment options.


Rentals allow you to access the equipment you need for temporary projects, events, or specific tasks without long-term commitments.


Save on upfront costs, maintenance, and storage expenses associated with equipment ownership.

Access to the Latest Technology

Keep your technology up-to-date by renting the latest models and equipment as needed.

Tailored Solutions

Choose from a variety of equipment options to match your specific requirements.

A Division of DCR Systems Group

Get access to the technology equipment you need, precisely when you need it with Vernon. A proud division of DCR Systems Group Inc.


Frequently Asked Questions

How are you different from other rental services?

We stand out in several ways: With over 30 years of technology rental experience, we bring unmatched expertise to the table. We have access to bulk quantities of equipment, ensuring availability for your needs. You can choose from top brands such as Apple, Dell, HP, IBM, Lenovo, and Samsung. Plus, our Tech Support is top-notch, offering custom software solutions.

What is your geographical service limit?

Our service extends across North America, with active support available in urban centers, ensuring we can cater to your needs wherever you are.

Do you provide technician backup during the event?

Absolutely. Our dedicated Tech-Support division features a team of experts ready to assist you during your event. Whether you require on-site or off-site technology support, we have you covered.

For what duration can I rent?

Our rental terms are incredibly flexible. You can rent for as little as a single day or extend it to several weeks, months, or even years, depending on your specific needs.

What is the biggest project you have managed?

One of our most significant projects involved supplying 2,500 laptops, which were shipped to various locations across Canada. Regardless of the size of your event, we can tailor our services to match your specifications.

What if the product is damaged during my rental?

Clients have the option to purchase damage insurance to cover most issues. Otherwise, they are liable to pay the cost of repair for any damage incurred during the rental period.

Can you customize equipment for our event?

Yes, we offer equipment customization to meet your event's unique requirements. Simply specify your needs, and we will ensure the equipment is tailored accordingly.

What about software?

We have an agreement with Microsoft, allowing us to rent most Microsoft applications and operating systems. Additionally, we can load client applications/images upon request, which may be subject to fees.

Can we test your equipment prior to the event?

Yes, we provide the option to test our equipment before your event to ensure everything meets your expectations.

What's not included in the rental?

Shipping, installation, setup, and consumable items like paper or toner are not included in the rental and may be subject to additional charges.

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