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IT Recycling

Don’t let your outdated IT equipment
end up in landfills.

DCR Systems offers comprehensive and responsible recycling solutions, maximizing resource recovery and minimizing
environmental impact while providing significant benefits to your business.

Our Recycling Process

Data Erasure

We utilize industry-leading software and hardware to permanently erase all data from your devices, ensuring complete security and compliance with regulations.

Asset Sorting & Dismantling

Our trained technicians carefully disassemble your equipment, separating valuable components and materials for further processing.

Component Remarketing

Re-usable components are meticulously tested and refurbished for remarketing, giving them a second life and maximizing their value.

Recycling & Responsible Disposal

Remaining materials are recycled responsibly through certified partners, ensuring they don’t end up in landfills and polluting the environment.


Extract valuable materials from your old equipment, divert e-waste from landfills, demonstrate your commitment to sustainability and responsible resource management

Maximize Resource Recovery

Extract valuable materials from your old equipment, reducing the need for virgin resource extraction and promoting circularity.

Minimize Environmental Impact

Divert e-waste from landfills, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and contribute to a greener future.

Enhance Brand Reputation

Demonstrate your commitment to sustainability and responsible resource management, strengthening your brand image and attracting environmentally-conscious customers.

Compliance & Peace of Mind

Ensure compliance with e-waste regulations and data privacy laws, eliminating potential risks and penalties.

Cost-Effective Solutions

We offer competitive rates for recycling your equipment, making it a financially viable option.


Frequently Asked Questions

What types of IT equipment do you recycle?

We accept a wide range of IT equipment, including computers, laptops, servers, monitors, printers, smartphones, tablets, and more.

How do I know my data is secure?

We utilize certified data erasure methods and adhere to strict security protocols throughout the process. We also provide certificates of data erasure for added assurance.

What happens to the recycled materials?

Our recycling partners will recover valuable materials like copper, aluminum, and precious metals, which are then used in the production of new products. This reduces the need for virgin resource extraction and promotes resource conservation.

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