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Custom Configuration

At DCR Systems, we offer a tailored solution
designed to meet the unique technology requirements
of your organization.

We focus on custom software images, application setup, tracking systems, and precise device deployment.
As a result, we simplify technology deployment, reduce user effort, and ensure that your devices are
optimized for specific tasks.

What We Do

Custom Software Images

We create custom software images for your devices, ensuring they come pre-loaded with the exact operating systems, applications, and settings required for your specific needs. This eliminates the need for time-consuming manual installations and ensures uniformity across devices.

Application Setup

We assist in setting up and configuring applications to align with your organization’s workflow. This includes ensuring that the right applications are installed and properly configured for maximum efficiency.

Tracking Systems Implementation

We implement tracking systems, including tags and barcodes, to help you monitor and manage your devices effectively. Each device is uniquely identified, making asset management a breeze.

Precise Device Deployment

We ensure that devices are deployed to the precise locations within your organization where they are needed most. Whether it’s within schools, offices, or other settings, we make sure devices are positioned for maximum utility.


Devices are optimized for specific tasks, every device is configured uniformly and take the complexity out of technology deployment.

Enhanced Productivity

Custom configuration ensures that your devices are optimized for specific tasks, reducing user effort and boosting productivity.


Every device is configured uniformly, eliminating inconsistencies that can lead to operational hiccups.

Simplified Deployment

We take the complexity out of technology deployment, saving you time and resources.

Tailored Solutions

Your technology environment is customized to meet your organization’s exact requirements, ensuring it aligns seamlessly with your objectives.


Frequently Asked Questions

What types of devices can be custom configured?

We have experience configuring a wide range of devices, including laptops, desktops, tablets, smartphones, printers, and more.

How long does the custom configuration process take?

The timeline depends on the complexity of your requirements and the number of devices involved. We'll provide a detailed estimate during our consultation.

What are the security benefits of custom configuration?

Custom configuration allows us to implement tailored security settings that meet your specific compliance needs and protect sensitive data.

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