DCR’s state of the art tools provides transparent views into asset status.

by Andrew J. Reid

Experts in managing the end of lease / asset disposition process, DCR’s state of the art tools provides transparent views into asset status.

Organizations can have a well-established process for the procurement and implementation of technology, the proper disposition of assets needs to be include in that circular process.For Financial Institutions, whose customers are nearing the end of their lease term we can coordinate asset pick up, testing, residual value assessment and all this while every step of the process can be tracked real time online.

You’re a Reseller and your client is buying net new equipment? Our “White Label” program enables you to offer the services involved with disposing of legacy IT assets, under your brand. Have confidence in a partner that isn’t competitive (we don’t resell equipment to end users, we’re a complimentary value add that will solve a business pain of your customers), all you need to do is contact us and we show you how it can work.

Are You the End User of equipment that you purchased and are now looking at the best way to make sure the equipment’s data is erased and the equipment doesn’t end up in a landfill – and by the way it probably is worth something even after being processed! You need to have a conversation with DCR, we’ve been in the business of managing legacy assets for over 18 years and we can take care of the entire reverse logistics process for you, contact us to understand why The World’s (yes, the World’s) largest professional IT organizations use us to take care of the end cycle of their IT assets.


Andrew is the President of DCR.

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